Saturday, May 11, 2013

Crazy, exciting, second go round

Here we go...again. It feels like we just landed, yet here we are packing medical and literary supplies to fly over to our second home of The Gambia. Like any other sequel, this trip will be bigger and better than the first, because our standards have been raised ever higher and we now have a clearer knowledge of the needs and desires of the Gambian people. I had been communicating with some of the children from the Sajuka school over the summer and ecstatically messaged them that our plane would be flying in less than a week. To this, they happily responded, "I know, we have all been waiting for you."

Our teams have been extremely grateful for all the donations and support we have received from companies, businesses, and the surrounding community. It is only through people caring for those outside of their intimate circles that trips like this can be made possible. We have all spent days and weeks planning this trip and it has been a test of organization concerning our limited schedule. Our teams have met repeatedly over the past few months and eventually grouped together to pack all of the donations and supplies we had gathered into numerous suitcases. Because we were blessed with hundreds of pounds of supplies, each girl will have to take nearly three suitcases a piece, just to transport the medical and classroom donations...a challenge we are blessed to take on. The stage is set, the players are ready, and the travel minis are flying off the shelves...lets go to Africa!


  1. This is Aprils mom and I just have to tell each and everyone of u how proud and honored I am to say my daughter is a part of something soooo wonderful. April is the center of my world and I have always stood behind any and every adventure she has ever encountered in life.

  2. And this trip will be just another adventure to add to her list...I miss you April and can't wait to see all the pictures and hear all the amazing stories I love you...